Selecting the right initiatives and applying them well is just half the battle. The other half is making it all happen and sustain it. Our method of execution will help our esteemed clients accomplish the results they need for their initiative and their organization.

Get Your Talent Pipeline Ready

Talent Consultancy has a deep hands-on approach to talent management. It’s been a successful design for many clients because it brings together strategies, processes, and activities required, to systematically manage an organization’s talent.

1) Talent Strategy

When your CEO asks “Who’s next?” then you will have the prompt response!

Succession management is about continually developing and moving talent over time. It’s about having leaders who are ready now to meet your business needs for future. Our approach is to have a sound talent strategy that is aligned seamlessly with the overall company strategy. TC will work closely with you to:

  • Identify current and future business drivers.
  • Identify measures for success.
  • Identify and classify the talent capacity gaps to be able to execute business objectives effectively.
  • Review your current talent management systems and capabilities
  • Develop a strategy intended to close your talent gaps.
  • Train and coach your team to be able to execute the talent strategy.
  • Provide support to ensure sustainability.

2) Organization Development

We provide the methods and programs which are developed from our partners’ long experience and exposure of best practices. Our methods and programs ensure effectiveness and sustainability.

We ta look carefully to each area of expertise. We then assess you by identifying your Organization HR Management Gaps. Subsequently we craft relevant effective solutions.

3) Selection & Assessment

Selection and assessment may be for internal or external recruitment. It can also be for successors. We will help you by availing an effective pool of good candidates, then support you to select the assessment tools that suit your organization from a wide range of assessment, testing and behavioral interviewing tools available globally.

4) Leadership & Workforce Development

There are different methods of learning and development. We will provide you with a significant and well rounded Human Resource management learning experience for all staff levels .

5) Performance Management

It’s the greatest substance to successful talent management, and it is often the most poorly implemented. Performance management enables the implementation of business strategy by creating alignment, accountability and focus.

6) Pay and benefits package

We will help you develop an attractive pay structure, pay scale and benefits through:

  • Developing a Salary structure.
  • Carrying out a salary Survey.
  • Developing a benefits calendar.

Execution: We make it happen and ensure it is sustained

Choosing the right initiatives and implementing them well is just half the battle. The other half is making it all happen and sustain it. Our method of execution will help you accomplish the results you need for your initiative and your organization.

Here’s how we can help you execute:

  • Providing clear and ongoing communication to all stakeholders about what you are doing and why.
  • Applying relentless focus on clear accountabilities, and well defined responsibilities.
  • Identifying initiatives and rewarding them with recognition and compensation to drive results.
  • Putting a measurement process in place.
  • Evaluating results of the applied methods through research, to help you determine the real impact of your implementation.