Talent Recruitment

Talent Foundation is a Non For Profit Organization registered in the State of Ohio, USA. Its sole purpose is to provide development opportunities to Sudanese Youth.
Talent Foundation strives to empower the youth of today to become the leaders of tomorrow. Various programs will be launched to serve this purpose through eliminating youth unemployment, bridging the gap between education and business needs and exposure.


Free Learning & Development Opportunities

Talent will avail diverse Learning & Development Opportunities in a wide range of fields as well as English Language courses for the youth.

Internship Programs

Talent Foundation has established agreements with various leading organisations in Sudan to provide internship opportunities for students and recent graduate in the fields of Mining and Agriculture.

Community Service

Talent Foundation is a strong believer is giving back to our communities and societies helps shape the people and has a lot of benefits. Therefore, many community service opportunities will be available to serve a range of communities across Sudan in all aspects; Environmental, Economical or Social.

International & Regional Exposure

Talent Foundation is in the process of Partnering with Sudanese professionals in the diaspora as well as regional/ international establishments to avail opportunities learning and internship opportunities in various locations for the Sudanese youth.

Exchange Programs

Talent Foundation seeks to partner with internationally renowned schools for the purpose of reviving foreign exchange programs to enhance cross cultural experiences

Hanabneho Competition

Talent Foundation will soon Launch a competition with a valuable prize that will be announced later on. The criteria for this competition will involve the following aspects:-

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For inquiries related to the foundation contact us on [email protected]